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Bio Megawhirl

 The Vitec BIO MEGAWHIRL (VBMW)  a stimulating hydrotherapy bath

 with active oxygen and full remote control.


 With the 10 selectable massage intensities the BIO MEGAWHIRL

 provides an intense massage down to a gentle soothe


 The special MEGAWHIRL soft mat (included) produces 15 million fine

 pearl bubbles per second which creates a sensation of being embraced

 resulting in a deep state of relaxation and comfort.


  • 10 selectable massage intensities

  • 8 programme interval therapy

  • Stand alone unit

  • Ozone system included

  • Pre warming stage for air up to 50 degrees centigrade

  • Full remote control unit

  • Adjustable mat air flow selector

  • Timer from 0 - 30 minutes

  • Air flow up to 1400 litres/min

  • A powerful yet especailly quiet 1100 watt motor

  • Foot massage bath

  • Full range of accessories comprising of massage brushes,

        hose adapter for using massage brushes with mat, head pillow

        and thermometer


         Only £899.00 (including delivery English Mainland. No VAT)

Buy Now (Order Form) Buy Now (PayPal) Vitec Bio Megawhirl Megawhirl Mat Regulator controls bubble intensity High tec jets for fine pearling

Regulator controls bubble intensity

High tech jets for fine pearling

Remote Control Unit Full set of accessories including brushes, pillow, adapter hose and thermometer Massage Brush Attachment Massage Foot Bath